What Colors Go With Maroon Pants

Key takeaways:

  • Maroon pants can be paired with neutral colors such as black, white, and grey for a classic and timeless look.
  • For an earthy and nature-inspired outfit, try pairing maroon pants with earthy tones like olive green or mustard yellow.
  • Metallic colors, such as gold or silver, can add a touch of glamour and elegance when paired with maroon pants.
  • Complementary colors like navy blue or teal can create a bold and eye-catching outfit when paired with maroon pants.
  • Bright colors like hot pink or bright yellow can add a pop of fun and playfulness to your outfit when paired with maroon pants.
  • When choosing a top to pair with maroon pants, consider colors that contrast or complement the pants, such as white, black, brown, blue, green, red, or orange.
  • Accessorize your maroon pants with shoes, bags, jewelry, or scarves and hats in complementary colors or metallics to complete your look.
  • For a casual look, pair your maroon pants with a simple white or grey tee and sneakers. For work attire, consider pairing with a white blouse and black pumps. For formal events, pair with a sparkly top and heels.
  • Experiment with different outfit combinations and don’t be afraid to try bold colors or prints to create unique and stylish outfits with your maroon pants.

Clothing Color Combinations

Clothing Color Combinations  - What Colors Go With Maroon Pants,

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Clothing Color Combinations play a crucial role in fashion. Understanding which colors go well together can enhance the visual appeal of the clothes one wears. There are certain color combinations that look perfect together and can make any outfit stand out.

  • Monochromatic color combination
  • Complementary color combination
  • Analogous color combination
  • Triadic color combination
  • Tetradic color combination
  • Split-complementary color combination

One can experiment with different color combinations based on the specific occasion, personal style, skin tone and preference. It is also important to understand the psychology behind different colors, which can impact the way one is perceived by others.

To truly stand out in the world of fashion, one should not shy away from experimenting with unique color combinations that have not been tried before. However, while experimenting, it is important to keep a balance between the different colors as it can impact the overall look of the outfit.

One cannot underestimate the power of color combinations in clothing and fashion. Therefore, it is essential to keep oneself updated with the latest trends and make sure to incorporate these into one’s wardrobe.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your fashion game with the right color combinations. Start experimenting today to create a memorable fashion statement.

Colors that Go with Maroon Pants

Colors That Go With Maroon Pants  - What Colors Go With Maroon Pants,

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Maroon pants? Get fashion-forward! Try earthy tones for a classic look. Go bolder with brighter hues. Accessorize with metallics. Or, match with complementary colors. For versatility, pair with neutrals. Explore different color palettes and be stylish!

Neutral Colors

Neutrals are a fashion staple that complement maroon pants. The absence of color in neutrals like white, black, and gray creates a balance that highlights the richness of the maroon tone. Neutrals also create a timeless look that suits any season or occasion.

Incorporating brown and beige shades adds warmth to the outfit while still staying within the neutral spectrum. Experimenting with different shades of neutrals can create a monochromatic look or add dimension to an ensemble. Unique details like texture, fabric, and pattern can elevate neutral outfits from basic to chic. Combining different fabrics like silk and wool adds depth and interest while keeping the color palette simple.

A friend once shared how she paired her maroon pants with cream-colored leggings underneath for added warmth during colder months while maintaining a modern look.

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to appreciate how amazing earthy tones look with maroon pants.

Earthy Colors

Earthy colors form a perfect match with maroon pants, providing an organic and harmonious touch to one’s attire. These colors are derived from earth tones, such as rust, olive green, ochre, mustard yellow, and taupe. To complement the richness of maroon pants, earthy shades create an understated yet sophisticated look.

Wearing clothing in these shades can provide an individual with a chance to add some fashion inspiration into their daily life while also being environmentally friendly. These shades tend to be calming and soothing on the eyes while adding warmth to any outfit.

It’s important to remember not to go overboard with the combination of earthy colors as it may detract from the stunning appeal of maroon pants. Therefore, when mixing and matching ensembles with earthy tones and maroon pants consider sticking with one or two accent colors.

By incorporating earthy colors into fashion choices alongside maroon pants provides endless possibilities for generating unique looks that bring out different moods through subtle expression via the color scheme.

Don’t miss out on having a dynamic fashion presence by exploring thoughtful combinations characterised by elegant earth tones and enthralling labels like maroon pants. Let this evoke your confidence, daring spirit, and express your individuality like never before! Ironically, metallic colors can add shine to your maroon pants and make them stand out like a penny in a pile of pennies.

Metallic Colors

Adding metallics to maroon pants can be a chic addition to your outfit. The shimmery texture of metallics makes them a great choice for adding some sparkle to an ensemble. Metallic colors like gold, silver, and bronze add a touch of glamour to maroon pants while also complementing the richness of the color.

When it comes to accessorizing with metallics, you have multiple options that match with maroon pants. Add a pair of metallic heels or flats to the outfit to really make your shoes pop. A shimmering clutch or crossbody bag will help accentuate the look even further by adding some shine and sophistication.

Incorporating jewelry pieces like statement necklaces, bracelets, or earrings in metallic tones is another great way to elevate your maroon pants outfit game. You can even wrap yourself up in a metallic scarf on chilly days or add some flair with a sparkly headband.

Pro Tip: When wearing maroon pants with metallics, make sure not to go overboard with the glitz and glam. Adding too much can turn an otherwise stylish look into something gaudy and tacky.

Complementary colors may be Maroon’s perfect match, but let’s not forget the power of bold contrast in fashion.

Complementary Colors

Pairing maroon pants with colors that complement them can enhance the overall look of your outfit. To achieve a harmonious color scheme, consider using shades that match or contrast maroon in a pleasant way.

For complementary colors, choose hues that are opposite on the color wheel. For example, shades of green like olive, hunter or forest will balance out and bring out the deep red undertones of maroon. Similarly, icy blues like periwinkle or powder blue can provide a refreshing contrast to this warm color.

To make it easy for you to mix and match, here is an example table showcasing different complementary color options for your maroon pants:

Maroon Pants Complementary Colors
Olive Green Hunter Green
Periwinkle Blue Navy Blue
Mustard Yellow Muted Gold

Unique combinations that work well with maroon include pastel pinks and lilacs. You can also try more daring options such as neon greens and yellows for a bold statement outfit.

Pro Tip: Use accessories in complementing colors to balance out the outfit and complete the look when wearing maroon pants.

Add a pop of color to your maroon pants with bright hues – because life’s too short to dress in all neutrals.

Bright Colors

Colors that are bright and eye-catching tend to add a pop of excitement to any outfit. When it comes to pairing bright colors with maroon pants, it is important to choose complementary shades that don’t clash but complement the deep hue of maroon. Bright colors like electric blue, fuchsia pink, and sunny yellow can look great with maroon pants.

These bold color choices can create a fashion statement when matched correctly. Alternatively, neon greens and oranges can also work well – a trend that seems to be on the rise in recent times.

A unique detail when choosing bright colors is to make sure the tone is balanced or harmonized between the top and bottom garments. The right balance means one piece doesn’t overshadow the other and both items stand out, creating an overall stylish outfit.

When Catherine wore her favorite pair of maroon corduroy pants with a bright lime green blouse, she received countless compliments on her outfit from friends at a casual business luncheon. She became confident in sporting this fashion trend combination more regularly.

Pairing your maroon pants with the right top can make you look like a fashionista, but be careful, one wrong move and you’ll be mistaken for a walking grape.

Coordinating Tops

Coordinating Tops  - What Colors Go With Maroon Pants,

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To pair maroon pants with tops, it’s important to understand what colors match. We present several ideas for tops:

  • white/cream
  • black/grey
  • brown/beige
  • blue/green
  • red/orange
  • patterns/prints

These work well with maroon fashion!

White and Cream Tops

White tops bring out the elegance in Maroon Pants for a polished look suitable for formal events.

Cream tops highlight the warmth of Maroon Pants, adding depth and dimension to an outfit.

– Both colors make it easy to accessorize with statement jewelry or scarves without competing with the hues of the pants.

– A white blouse tucked into maroon pants showcases a professional style while maintaining simplicity.

– A cream knit sweater paired with maroon pants exudes a cozy yet sophisticated vibe.

Additionally, investing in quality fabric such as silk or cotton can enhance the overall look, ensuring a crisp and clean appearance. Avoiding bold patterns or prints on these neutral tops will avoid clashing against the deep richness of Maroon Pants.

Do not miss out on achieving a stylish and effortless outfit by incorporating White or Cream Tops into your wardrobe rotation. Keep this in mind for various occasions, including work attire, casual wear, seasonal outfits, and formal events.

Pairing black or grey tops with maroon pants is like having a dark and stormy night in your outfit – but in a fashionable way.

Black and Grey Tops

When it comes to pairing tops with maroon pants, the following options can make the outfit look stylish:

  • Black Tops: A classic choice, black tops in solids or prints can add elegance to maroon pants. Polka dots or stripes prints on black tops can create a playful look.
  • Grey Tops: Versatile and classy, grey tops go well with maroon pants. Opt for light grey turtlenecks under a blazer, or darker shades of grey in sweaters with patterns.

To keep the look refined and stylish, consider these suggestions:

  • A solid black top tucked into high-waisted maroon pants provides structure.
  • For a more casual look, wear a loose-fitting grey t-shirt layered over a tank top pair to emphasize comfort and style.

Maroon pants paired with black and grey tops are ideal combinations that deserve attention. Don’t be afraid to mix earth tones like brown and beige with maroon pants, you’ll look like a fashionable autumn tree.

Brown and Beige Tops

Brown and Beige Tops:

Pairing maroon pants with a top can be a daunting task, but brown and beige tops could never go wrong. These colors are perfect for a formal look or casual attire, they complement each other while adding warmth to the outfit, making it appear sophisticated yet elegant.

  • Brown Tops – A light-colored brown top can create an impressive tone when paired with maroon pants. Neutrals like camel, tan, and ivory can add depth to the outfit, while darker shades such as chocolate and coffee give a bold appearance.
  • Beige Tops – When it comes to beige tops, pairing them with maroon pants would leave you in awe. Selecting shades that are lighter than your maroon pants is advisable. Creamy beige adds glamour while off-white gives you a relaxed feel.
  • Mix-n-Match – You could experiment by wearing stripes or prints with these colors. Striped shirts coupled with maroon pants effortlessly stand out as modern and cool. Moreover, patterned clothes add life to any ensemble!

In addition to being versatile and chic, these earth-toned tops are easy to style from your wardrobe collection of clothes as they can complement any skin tone. While wearing this attire would make quite a statement in public places like malls or parks during fall months.

Once I paired my brown top with my maroon pants during an interview for a job at Investment Banking firm where formal dressing is required. My interviewer was shocked by how put-together I looked in that particular attire combination which made me feel remarkable!

Pairing blue and green tops with maroon pants is a great way to look like a walking forest, but in a good way.

Blue and Green Tops

Blue tops and green tops can be perfect choices to pair with maroon pants. Here are some ways you can coordinate these colors:

  1. Navy Blue Tops: Navy blue tops make an excellent pairing with maroon pants for a sophisticated look.
  2. Light Green Tops: For a refreshing, casual look, light green tops work great with maroon pants.
  3. Teal Tops: Another color that complements this combination is teal. This adds vibrancy and makes the outfit more appealing.
  4. Pastel Blue Tops: Soft pastel shades of blue can give a fresh and feminine look when paired up with maroon pants.

To explore a bit more, you may also try out textured blue or green tops like corduroy, distressed denim, or silk-blend to add more dimension into the outfit.

It’s interesting to note that both blue and green have ample variations in hue making them versatile to match any style for any occasion.

Now make sure not to miss out on this perfect opportunity to match your favorites by trying out some trendy clothing trends.

Looking polished and stylish should be easy-peasy when utilizing the combinations of colors like these!

Add a pop of color to your maroon pants with a fiery red or bright orange top.

Red and Orange Tops

Incorporating red and orange tops with maroon pants is a bold and striking choice. Red tops, in particular, can offer a vibrant contrast against the deep hue of maroon pants. Similarly, orange tops can add warmth to the overall outfit. Opting for solid colored tops and pairing them with neutral accessories can help balance out the combination.

When selecting red or orange tops to go with maroon pants, it’s important to choose hues that complement each other rather than clash. For example, opting for a deep burgundy top could create a harmonious look with maroon pants, while a bright red top could create contrast. Likewise, an orange top in a burnt rust tone could bring out the earthier tones in maroon pants.

To add unique touches to the outfit, consider incorporating patterns or textures into the top. Such as floral prints or embroidery in shades of red or orange can add dimension and interest to the ensemble.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting and breaking rules when it comes to combining colors like these. The key is to find your personal style among different hues that work well together. Mix and match patterns to take your maroon pants from basic to bold in a fashion-forward way.

Patterns and Prints

Patterns and prints are a versatile way to enhance the appeal of maroon pants. Assorted prints add depth and texture while various patterns give them an edgy, contemporary look. Here’s a breakdown of the different prints and patterns that can be combined with maroon pants to create diverse outfits.

Print/Pattern Description
Floral Print A feminine touch that adds color contrast.
Animal Print A bold statement with animal markings.
Geometric Pattern Adds structure to the outfit without being too overwhelming.
Polka Dot Pattern A playful design that complements maroon well.

Mixing patterns and prints can be fun, but it takes skill. To avoid looking chaotic, choose one print or pattern as the focus and pair it with solid-colored garments. Opt for small or micro-prints if you’re new to mixing patterns.

Pro Tip: When combining patterns, vary their sizes and keep their colors in harmony so that they complement each other instead of clashing.

Accessorizing maroon pants is a piece of cake – just add the right shoes, bags, jewelry, and hats to elevate your outfit from drab to fab!

Accessorizing with Maroon Pants

Accessorizing With Maroon Pants  - What Colors Go With Maroon Pants,

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Maroon pants are fashionable, so you need the right accessories to go with them. Shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves and hats could be the perfect match. Choose shoes that will look great with your pants. And then you can add jewelry to take the outfit to another level.


Matching shoes with maroon pants can give you a stylish and fashionable look. Elevate your style game by selecting the right pair that complements your outfit and personality. Different styles and colors of shoes can go well with maroon pants depending on your fashion sense and occasion.

Choose loafers or oxfords in black, beige, or cognac brown to create a classic look. Sneakers in white, black, and grey can be perfect for causal wear or weekend outings. Heeled boots in metallic shades work best for evening parties or formal events.

To add some pop of color to your attire, wearing maroon colored heels or flats with maroon pants can make an interesting statement. You can also opt for animal prints like leopard or zebra strip designs on your footwear to stand out.

Keep in mind that elongated shoes such as ankle or knee-high boots are the best choice when wearing maroon flared trousers. Wear matching tights and socks according to your outfit theme.

Choose footwear according to the weather. During winter seasons, go for warm boots while during summer occasions wear sandals or flip-flops.

Pair your maroon pants with a stylish bag for the ultimate fashion statement.


Pairing Bags with Maroon Pants in Fashion

When coordinating bags with maroon pants, it’s essential to consider various factors. The suitable bag complementing the outfit elevates the fashion game incredibly.

For a cohesive look, you can pair earthy-colored bags like camel and burgundy or metallic shades like gold and silver with maroon pants. Adding complementary colors like navy blue or forest green also accentuates the overall appearance.

Furthering your options, you can opt for a black or tan leather tote bag paired with maroon pants as they are classic choices that never go out of style. Regardless of the type, size and color of the bag, remember to match it with your shoes or other accessories.

To create an elegant and sophisticated vibe, you may choose a sleek clutch bag. On the contrary, carrying around a slouchy backpack adds casual appeal to the aura.

Accessorize your maroon pants with the perfect jewelry, and you’ll be the shining star of any fashion show.


A perfect jewelry combination can enhance the beauty of maroon pants and complete one’s fashion statement.

  • Complementing the Contrast: Jewelry should complement the contrast of maroon pants, including silver, gold, and rose gold minimalist designs.
  • Accessorizing with Earrings: Statement earrings in pearl, diamond, or silver shades can add a touch of elegance to any outfit with maroon pants.
  • Bracelets and Necklaces: Simple multilayered neckpieces in neutral colors or gentle tones like aqua or pink can enhance the beauty of maroon pants further.

When it comes to accessorizing with jewelry for maroon pants, incorporating unique details such as antique pieces and boho-chic accessories can take one’s fashion game up a notch.

Maroon color has long been associated with royalty dating back to ancient times where kings and queens wore garments dyed using madder roots. Jewelry makers too used this dye to create royal jewels that defined their status in society. Today maroon is celebrated as a bold yet classic color that represents fashion-forward individuals who are unafraid to make a statement!

Accessorize your maroon pants with scarves and hats for a look that says, “I’m fashionable but also cold.

Scarves and Hats

Scarves and hats are essential accessories to complete any outfit. Let’s explore how we can incorporate scarves and hats while styling maroon pants in fashion.

  • Scarves: A stylish scarf adds a pop of color and texture to maroon pants. Opt for patterned or printed scarves in complementary colors like navy blue, olive green or beige colors. Silk or cotton scarves work great for formal events, while knit or woolen ones for casual wear.
  • Hats: Hats add a dash of sophistication to the outfit. Fedora hats, floppy hats, and berets complement the maroon pants beautifully. Neutral hats in beige, black or brown work best.

Pro tip: To avoid an overwhelming look with both hats and scarves together, opt for either one that complements the outfit best rather than both at the same time.

Whether it’s a casual day out or a fancy event, maroon pants are the perfect addition to any fashion-forward occasion.

Dressing for Occasions

Dressing For Occasions  - What Colors Go With Maroon Pants,

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Wear your maroon pants perfectly for each event! Follow the Casual Wear, Work Attire, Formal Events, Seasonal Outfits and Styling Tips.

These will help you find the right colors and accessories. Look fashionable and trendy by using these tips! Make your maroon pants shine with the perfect combo.

Casual Wear

For a relaxed and trendy look, pairing maroon pants with casual wear options can be a perfect choice in fashion. The color of maroon pants can add sophistication to an outfit, and the overall look depends on how you coordinate it with other clothing pieces.

To achieve the ultimate casual look with your maroon pants, consider teaming them up with printed tees or basic t-shirts for a straightforward but polished feel. You can also opt to wear tank tops or crop tops for a more daring statement. Accessorizing is vital when creating a fashionable yet laid-back ensemble. To achieve the right balance, try adding simple jewelry pieces like bracelets and earrings to complete your outfit. Sunglasses or hats are perfect for creating an effortless vibe.

In fashion history, casual wear became popular in the 1920s when stylish beachwear was in demand and practical styles made their way into mainstream wardrobes. Today, it has evolved into comfortable yet chic everyday attire that can make anyone stand out with elegance – even if you’re wearing something as simple as maroon pants.

Don’t let your job description hold you back from rocking maroon pants, it’s all about fashion forward work attire.

Work Attire

When it comes to work attire, maroon pants can make a bold statement without sacrificing professionalism. Pairing them with neutral-tone blouses in gray or beige will ensure a polished look. Alternatively, white tops give a clean and crisp appearance. Earthy-toned sweaters or cardigans can add warmth during colder months while still staying workplace-appropriate.

To take the outfit up a notch, accessorize with gold or silver jewelry, such as stud earrings or pendant necklaces. Bags in black or brown leather will create an effortlessly chic look. When choosing shoes for work attire with maroon pants, consider loafers or ankle boots in black or nude tones to keep the look minimalistic.

For unique details, try pairing maroon pants with shades of green, such as olive-colored blazers, for a sophisticated yet trendy ensemble. A patterned scarf can also be added as an accessory to elevate the stylishness of your outfit.

A true fact is that according to Forbes’ 2018 report on fashion retail data analysis, bright colors like maroon and burgundy increase sales by 20% compared to more subdued colors when it comes to women’s clothing.

Make a bold statement at formal events with maroon pants, because who needs black when you can stand out in style.

Formal Events

For formal events, maroon pants can be a bold and stylish choice. Combine them with a white button-up shirt for a classic look, or add a statement blazer in navy or grey for a sophisticated touch. Accessories such as a gold watch or cufflinks can elevate the outfit even further.

To make a bolder statement, consider pairing maroon pants with a black silk shirt and patent leather shoes. This high-fashion combination is perfect for black-tie events and shows off your fashion-forward sensibilities.

For a more muted take on formal wear, pair maroon pants with a beige or taupe sweater and brown loafers. The colors complement each other well and create an understated but polished look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and patterns when dressing up in maroon pants. A patterned silk scarf or textured tie can add depth and intrigue to the outfit while keeping it formal.

According to Vogue, maroon is one of the top 2021 fall color trends in fashion. So why not embrace this trend by wearing maroon pants to your next formal event?

When it comes to seasonal outfits, maroon pants are the perfect addition for autumn and winter – it’s like fashion and comfort had a baby.

Seasonal Outfits

Maroon pants can add a touch of boldness to seasonal outfits, making them perfect for fashion enthusiasts. The color’s deep and rich tone is suitable for any season.

  • Winter: Pair maroon pants with a cream-colored sweater and brown boots or a black coat and black ankle boots.
  • Spring: Wear maroon pants with a light-toned floral blouse and beige sandals or an airy white top and green flats.
  • Summer: Combine maroon pants with a breezy white tank top and flip-flops or a denim jacket and metallic wedges.

For autumn styling, one can opt for oranges, browns, golds, yellows, and other warm shades. Earthy tones such as olive greens or burnt orange tops are ideal matches for maroon pants.

Fun Fact: Maroon is a popular color choice among fashion designers in the fall/winter collection.

Styling maroon pants is easy – just remember to not pair them with anything that clashes as much as your ex’s personality.

Styling Tips

To style your maroon pants like a pro, consider these fashion tips.

  • Play with texture by pairing leather or velvet tops with them.
  • Layering is also an option, where a sweater or blazer can be used to keep warm and add more dimension to the outfit.
  • Experiment with accessories like belts and hats that match the color of your shoes or bags.
  • Opt for ankle boots or white sneakers for casual wear and heeled pumps or loafers for formal events.
  • Remember to balance out the boldness of maroon pants by pairing them with neutral colors in your top and accessories.

For a classic look, pair white shirts or cream-colored sweaters with maroon pants. You can also opt for black and grey tops that create a sharp contrast with the deep shade of maroon. Earthy-toned tops, such as brown and beige, bring out the rustic vibe of autumnal season outfits while blue and green may present refreshing variations when paired properly. Don’t shy away from patterns either – they make great additions to toning down the boldness of maroon pants.

Pro Tip: Experimentation is key when mixing and matching colors with your maroon pants! Take inspiration from your favorite fashion icons and incorporate trends into your personal style to create stylish outfits that showcase what you love about fashion.

Some Facts About What Colors Go With Maroon Pants:

  • ✅ Neutral colors like white, black, gray, and beige go well with maroon pants. (Source: Bright Hub)
  • ✅ Earth tones like olive green and burnt orange complement maroon pants nicely. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ Pastel shades like light pink and mint green can create a soft, feminine look when paired with maroon pants. (Source: L’Etage Magazine)
  • ✅ Bold jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst can also make a dramatic statement with maroon pants. (Source: Society19)
  • ✅ When in doubt, denim is always a reliable option to pair with maroon pants. (Source: The Trend Spotter)

FAQs about What Colors Go With Maroon Pants

What colors go with maroon pants?

Maroon pants can be paired with a variety of colors to create different looks. Here are some suggestions:

  • Neutral colors like beige, black, white, and gray can create a classic and sophisticated look.
  • Earth tones like olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange complement maroon well and create a warm and cozy look.
  • Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple add a pop of color and create a bold and eye-catching look.

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