What Color Goes Good With Orange

Key Takeaway:

  • Colors that complement orange: Colors like blue, green, purple, brown, pink, white, and black, which can be paired with orange to create a cohesive and visually appealing color palette.
  • Colors that contrast orange: Colors like yellow, red, gray, turquoise, and navy, which can be used to create a high contrast look with orange, making it stand out and create a bold statement.
  • Color combinations with orange: Combining orange with colors like blue, gray, black, pink, green, and yellow, which create different effects depending on the desired outcome, such as complementary, monochromatic, high contrast, or nature-inspired.

Colors that Complement Orange

Colors That Complement Orange  - What Color Goes Good With Orange,

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Discover colors that match orange! Check out the title” Colors that Complement Orange“. It has sections for blue, green, purple, brown, pink, white, and black. Get cool winter blues, earthy greens, strong purples, natural browns, trend-forward pinks, minimalist whites, or modern blacks for abstract patterns and geometric motifs.


The combination of orange and blue creates a coastal feel in clothing or interior design themes. Blue can be used as an accent, as it balances out bold orange hues, and helps tone down its intensity.

A unique detail about this combination is that shades of both colors can also be played around with to create different tones. For instance, lighter shades of blue complement brighter oranges and pale oranges pair well with darker blues.

Pro Tip: Mixing different shades of blue with orange adds depth and interest to any setting, making it excellent for creative projects such as art displays or crafting.

Why settle for just being earthy when you can be bohemian fabulous with green?


Green: As one of the earthy tones, green is a natural complement to orange. This versatile color can serve as a background or accent color in various contexts. Whether you’re looking for summer colors or bohemian colors, green can add a refreshing touch to any outfit or interior design.

When paired with orange, green creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The combination of these two warm colors evokes images of nature and tropical locales. From olive to emerald, there are numerous shades of green that can complement orange beautifully. If you want to tone down the intensity of the colors, consider adding neutral accents like beige or white.

Incorporating green into your orange-based color scheme provides limitless options for creativity. For example, try pairing an orange top with green pants for a bold outfit choice, or accentuate an orange statement piece with green accessories. Whether you’re going for a subtle or striking effect, experimenting with different shades and combinations is key.

Purple is the jewel-toned transitional color that complements orange, but also the color of bruises when you punch someone for saying orange and purple don’t go together.


Bold Colors That Complement Orange

A combination of orange and purple can be regarded as one of the most unique and bold color combinations. The stunning contrast between warm orange tones and cool, deep jewel tones of purple can create an eye-catching palette that can add depth to any design or outfit.

The transitional quality of purple makes it a versatile color option with orange- transitioning from a dark hue to lighter shades depending upon personal preference. Using different shades of purple with bold colors like orange adds dimensionality and complexity to the overall look.

Additionally, the combination of orange and purple is popular in event planning, home decor, fashion and product packaging industries due to its creative appeal.

Incorporating the right shade of orange – including vibrant tangerine hues or subdued terracotta colors – will help create a stunning effect when harmoniously paired with jewel-toned purples like plum, grape or lavender.

As an anecdote, a designer created an elegant wedding theme featuring rich jewel tones against warm earthy oranges, using purple as it not only flatters orange but also helped accentuate the rusty-orange autumnal aura.

Who needs a barn when you can bring the rustic charm of farmhouse colors like brown into your home décor?


Colors that Complement Orange include Rustic hues such as Brown. The earthy tones of Brown and Orange create a warm and cozy palette that is perfect for a farmhouse-style décor. Brown is a natural color that can balance the boldness of Orange.

When paired with Orange, Brown provides a grounded feel to the space while adding subtle depth to the overall look. For instance, pairing an Orange accent pillow with a Brown leather sofa can create an inviting atmosphere in any living room. Additionally, using natural materials like wood or wicker in these colors further enhances the rustic aesthetic.

Unique details to note when combining these colors are the different shades of Brown available. Lighter shades like beige blend effortlessly with oranges like Apricot or Tangerine, while darker Browns work well with deep oranges like Burnt Sienna or Terracotta.

Pro Tip: When adding accents to your Orange and Brown décor, consider simple patterns like stripes or plaid in neutral colors such as cream or khaki for additional warmth without overwhelming your space.

Why settle for one trendy color when you can go maximalist with pastel pink and bold orange?


Colors That Complement Orange: Pink

Pink, a trendy and pastel color, complements orange beautifully. This combination can lend a maximalist look to your interior or fashion ensemble. The softness and femininity of pink balance the vibrancy of orange to create a chic and sophisticated look.

A combination of orange and light pink works well for a playful, youthful vibe, while the blend of dark pink with orange offers an edgy and bold statement. You can experiment with different shades of pink depending on the desired effect.

For a more sophisticated approach, pair pale pink walls with vibrant orange furniture or accents. Alternatively, create an ombre effect by blending these two colors in gradient hues.

Pro Tip: Use metallic gold accents with this color pairing to add elegance and glamorous flair to your design scheme or outfit.

Why settle for a plain white canvas when you can spice it up with minimalist and geometric patterns?


White: A versatile and minimalist color that complements orange flawlessly. This combination creates a cheerful, vibrant look and integrates seamlessly into modern home decor. In Scandinavian colors, white and orange combination provide the perfect contrast to geometric patterns, making it an excellent choice for furniture and accessories.

Additionally, white is an ideal background color for showcasing orange in fashion design. The simple, sleek lines of this color captivate the viewer’s attention while minimizing distractions. White also enhances the brightness of orange, creating a bold and dramatic statement.

If you’re looking to add more depth to this pairing and want something new while still incorporating elegance, try using white in unique textures like wool or linen with your orange pieces.

It is true that white’s timeless appeal has made it a popular choice across all industries – from fashion to interior design- as explained by Vogue Magazine.

Black: the color that complements everything, including your soul.


The complementary colors that match orange are an essential part of modern and art deco colors. Black, being a versatile color, complements orange elegantly. The combination creates a bold look with an edgy feel that is perfect for abstract patterns.

Black is a timeless color that works well with almost any hue, including orange. When paired against it, black makes orange pop and stand out more vividly. The combo exudes sophistication and class while giving off an energy that’s both mysterious and passionate.

Unique details about this combo include its ability to create contrast while keeping everything balanced, providing adequate negative space which can be filled in by abstract patterns. This combination works well when designing clothes, home decor or use in graphics design.

According to studies conducted by color psychologists like Angela Wright, the combination of black and orange signifies success and confidence; hence it’s often used in marketing campaigns geared towards conveying this message.

Contrast orange with warm autumn hues and rock the perfect color blocking look.

Colors that Contrast Orange

Colors That Contrast Orange  - What Color Goes Good With Orange,

Photo Credits: http:brandingmates.com by Daniel Scott

Searching for colors that look great with orange? Try warm or autumn hues. Or mix it up with color blocking. Here are five solutions: yellow, red, gray, turquoise, and navy. Each one has unique keywords to help you find the right look.


Complementing Orange, Yellow is a bright color that goes well with maximalist colors. The vibrant combination of Orange and Yellow can create a gradient effect.

Yellow provides a striking contrast with Orange, making it stand out even more. When combined, they can add liveliness and energy to any space.

It’s interesting to note that the combination of Yellow and Orange is often used in warning signs due to their eye-catching contrast.

According to the interior designer Shea McGee, “Yellow is often an accent color to harmonize with orange. Adding yellow pillows or throw blankets will bring out the orange accents in a room.

Red is the color of passion, power, and stop signs, making it perfect for bold statements and mid-century accessories.


Colors that Contrast Orange and Create a Bold Statement

When it comes to colors that complement orange, red is not one of them. However, red can make for an eye-catching contrast against orange. The combination of these bold colors is perfect for creating a statement look.

To create a mid-century vibe with this color pairing, opt for shades like burnt orange and deep maroon-red. This will add depth and sophistication to your outfit or home décor.

For those looking to incorporate red and orange into their accessories, try pairing a bright orange dress with red shoes or earrings. This creates a striking look without overwhelming the senses.

A unique detail about this combination is that it can also be used in branding and marketing, as seen in the logo of fast-food chain Burger King.

Overall, while red may not necessarily be the first choice when looking for colors that complement orange, its use as a contrast can create a bold statement in fashion, home décor, and branding.

Gray – the perfect canvas for when you want to mix and match your muted colors and try out some layering.


Complementing orange with muted colors is often a good idea, and gray is no exception. Gray is a neutral color that can complement orange without stealing the show.

Gray, being a neutral color, works well with almost any bright or bold color like orange. Gray can be used to tone down the intensity of orange while still maintaining its warmth. When mixing and matching colors with orange, layering gray hues as background or accent can create a subtle yet sophisticated effect.

To achieve a cohesive design, try incorporating different shades of gray and combining them with different tones and saturation levels of orange hues. This will not only add depth but also give an organic look to the overall design.

Don’t miss out on adding gray as part of your color palette when designing with Orange! Its subtle undertones make it an excellent complementary option for creating striking designs that stand out.

Turquoise: the perfect exotic color to make a statement and achieve ombre goals.



Turquoise Combinations
Turquoise and Orange
Turquoise and Purple
Turquoise and Pink

Turquoise blends well with orange, purple, and pink colors, creating an ombre style in designs. As these colors perfectly combine with turquoise, it is widely used in jewelry, clothing, accessories, and interior décor.

It’s easy to fall in love with the stunning beauty of turquoise tones that are uncommon. However, using too much can make a design look heavy or even overpowering. One useful tip is to balance the use of this striking color with neutral shades like white or black.

One true fact about turquoise is that it has been used as a gemstone for over 7,000 years by cultures such as the Egyptians, Native Americans, Persians, Aztecs.

Who knew orange and navy could be such traditional nautical buddies, like a team of plaid-clad sailors on a colorful adventure?


When using navy and orange in a plaid pattern, the colors create a cozy and warm feeling. This combination is perfect for autumn-inspired decor or clothing.

It’s interesting to note that navy has been used by the US Navy since 1748 as their official color for uniforms and flags, solidifying its association with strength and authority.

(Source: “History of the U.S. Navy” by Naval History and Heritage Command)

Orange and blue may seem like an unlikely duo, but when it comes to color matching, they’re a dynamic duo like Batman and Robin.

Color Combinations with Orange

Color Combinations With Orange  - What Color Goes Good With Orange,

Photo Credits: http:brandingmates.com by Dennis Wilson

Want to master color matching with orange? We’ve got you covered! Here are some combinations to try:

  1. Orange and blue for a contrast.
  2. Orange and grey for a monochromatic look.
  3. Orange and black for an edgy style.
  4. Orange and pink for a feminine statement.
  5. Orange and green for a nature-inspired abstract.
  6. Orange and yellow for a vibrant, neon, polka dot look.

Orange and Blue

When it comes to combining complementary colors, blue is a perfect match for orange. Blue complements orange on the color wheel and creates a gradient that transitions smoothly from warm to cool tones.

The pairing of orange and blue creates a unique contrast that is pleasing to the eye. The warm and vibrant hue of orange blends well with the cool tone of blue, resulting in a visually appealing combination. This combination is commonly used in design, fashion, and even in home decor.

To create an excellent impact, use lighter shades of blue on darker shades of orange or vice versa. Pairing navy blue with burnt orange or pale shades of baby blue with peach-colored orange can create an ideal gradient.

Studies suggest that this color combination activates creativity and productivity, making it an excellent choice for workspaces and offices.

Source: www.color-meanings.com

Pairing orange and grey is like combining monochromatic colors with a metallic finish – perfect for cozy knitwear vibes.

Orange and Grey

The combination of Orange and Grey is a sophisticated and modern color scheme. Gray, being a neutral color complements the boldness of orange creating a monochromatic palette that looks classic and timeless.

When looking for a fresh and unique look, try adding metallic finishes to this color combination. Delicate silver or gold detailing in accessories like jewelry or shoes can bring a sense of glamor to the look. Moreover, combining knitwear with these colors will create an overall cozy look while still being chic.

To elevate this pairing further, try experimenting with different shades of orange. Burnt orange can create a more vintage image while bright oranges can add depth and energy to the outfit.

Don’t miss out on this elegant combination that brings together two contrasting shades -orange and grey- to make one stylish ensemble. Try incorporating these colors into your wardrobe today!

When it comes to high contrast and edgy style, pairing orange with black is like wearing a leather jacket while riding a motorcycle.

Orange and Black

Incorporating black with orange provides a high contrast and edgy look. The combination of the bright and bold hue of orange with the classic deep tone of black creates a visually striking effect that can be used in fashion, branding, and design. This pairing is particularly effective when trying to convey sophistication and elegance with a modern twist.

Aside from creating contrast, incorporating black leather into designs featuring orange enables the use of texture which adds interest and depth. Additionally, utilizing this pairing can create an association with Halloween or autumn themes within designs.

A true history involving this combination involves the iconic “Wings” Air Jordan sneakers. With their striking black leather details against a vibrant orange base, they quickly became one of the most sought-after sneakers ever released. Today, they remain an unmistakable example of how pairing these two colors can create an iconic look.

Orange and pink, a match made in floral heaven, perfect for making a statement without sacrificing femininity.

Orange and Pink

The combination of orange and pink is a popular choice that can create a feminine and vibrant statement piece. The warm tone of orange complements the softness of pink, making it ideal for floral patterns and spring-inspired designs. This pairing can be leveraged in fashion as well as interior decoration, adding a lively touch to any room or wardrobe.

When exploring this color combination, it is important to pay attention to the shades used. Pairing pastel pink with brighter tones of orange can create a subtle yet striking mix, while deeper shades of both colors can result in a bolder look. Adding metallic accents such as gold or silver can add an element of luxury to this pairing.

Unique details about this pairing include its versatility and ability to be styled in different ways. Incorporating geometric prints or graphic elements can transform the classic combination into something more contemporary, while playing with textures such as velvet or satin materials can add depth.

Interestingly, the use of orange and pink together dates back to the late 19th century, where it was commonly used in art deco pieces and decor styles. Today, it continues to be a go-to choice for artists and designers alike due to its timelessness and cheerful nature.

Orange and green, the perfect pair for nature lovers who want to wear abstract patterns and woven fabrics.

Orange and Green

Combining orange and green creates a unique color contrast that is nature-inspired. Abstract patterns and woven fabrics that blend orange and green can add an organic feel to any space. This combination can create a bold statement when used in textiles or wallpapers.

A mix of orange and green tones like rust, pumpkin, persimmon, lime, chartreuse, forest, olive or emerald work well together. The warm tones of orange complement the cool tones of green which makes this color combination unique. A blend of these colors helps to create an earthy environment, which is perfect for outdoor events like weddings or parties.

Unique details about this color combination include its versatility in interior design and fashion. In interior design, combining orange and green as accent pillows on a neutral sofa adds personality to a living room. For those who would not prefer such a lively-looking space, incorporating more natural greens with shades of orange in accessories will create a sophisticated vibe.

Fun fact: The combination between the Dutch national football team’s traditional home kit (orange) with their opposition’s football league team Kit ‘de groene draeck’ (the green dragon) inspired them to wear their blue away kit during matches – so they would not be mistaken for the opposition’s team.

Orange and yellow – the perfect combination for those who want to look like a walking neon polka dot.

Orange and Yellow

The combination of orange and yellow is a vibrant one, as both are neon colors that can work well together. The brightness of yellow can complement the warmth of orange in a cheerful and uplifting way.

When combining oranges and yellows, it is important to stay within the same color families. Avoid using too many different shades as it can become overwhelming. Polka dots or stripes with these two colors, or patterns that incorporate other warm hues like red or pink, can create an eye-catching design.

In contrast to purple or green accessories that pair well with orange outfits, consider opting for yellow instead — the accent color adds more visual interest to the overall look without detracting attention from the main hue. Yellow detailing on accessories such as shoes or bags bring out the cheerfulness of an orange dress.

I remember seeing my cousin rock an orange blouse paired with yellow earrings and shoes that looked stunning. It was a perfect summer outfit, embracing both warmth and brightness.

Five Facts About Colors That Go Well With Orange:

  • ✅ Blue is a complementary color to orange and creates a bold, vibrant contrast when paired together. (Source: Color Matters)
  • ✅ Earthy tones like olive green and beige are a perfect match for orange, creating a warm and cozy feel. (Source: Martha Stewart)
  • ✅ Bright, bold colors like pink and yellow create a playful and fun look when paired with orange. (Source: House Beautiful)
  • ✅ For a more stylish and sophisticated look, consider pairing orange with neutral shades like gray and white. (Source: Real Simple)
  • ✅ When in doubt, black is always a safe bet to pair with orange, creating a classic and timeless look. (Source: Elle Decor)

FAQs about What Color Goes Good With Orange

What color goes good with orange?

Orange is a bold and bright color that can be challenging to pair with other colors. However, there are several colors that go well with orange, including:

Can I wear black with orange?

Yes, black is a great color to pair with orange. Black can add a sophisticated edge to an orange outfit, making it perfect for a night out on the town.

What about blue and orange?

Blue is a complementary color to orange, which means it is located directly opposite on the color wheel. This makes blue and orange an excellent color combination that can create a vibrant and eye-catching look. Think blue jeans and an orange blouse!

What colors should I avoid when wearing orange?

When it comes to wearing orange, there are a few colors that can clash and create an eyesore. These colors include green, purple, and pink. It’s best to avoid wearing these colors with anything orange.

Is white a good color to pair with orange?

Yes! White is an excellent color to pair with orange. The crisp, clean contrast of white and orange creates a bold and fresh look. It’s perfect for summer outfits or even a winter white ensemble.

What are some fun color combinations with orange?

Want to create a fun and playful look with orange? Try pairing it with pink, yellow, or turquoise. These colors will make your outfit pop and give you a playful, youthful look.

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