What Color Eyes Did Elvis Presley Have

Key Takeaway:

  • Elvis Presley’s striking eyes were a significant part of his mesmerizing presence, with his eye color being a subject of much debate and speculation.
  • Primary sources on Elvis Presley’s physical appearance mention his captivating, piercing, and soulful blue eyes, while secondary sources and photos suggest his eye color may have been brown or even heterochromatic.
  • The debate on Elvis Presley’s eye color remains inconclusive, but what’s undeniable is how his unforgettable eyes contributed to his iconic legacy.


Elvis Presley was an iconic American singer known for his distinctive physical appearance, including his long dark hair, signature jumpsuits, and deep voice. One of the most intriguing aspects of his appearance was the color of his eyes. While many fans may assume his eyes were blue, they were actually a striking shade of blue-green, giving him a unique and unforgettable gaze.

Interestingly, Elvis was born with light blonde hair and his dark hair color was the result of a professional dye job. According to sources, his famous hair color was achieved using a combination of Clairol Medium Ash Brown and Black Velvet hair dye.

Elvis Presley’s Physical Appearance

Elvis Presley’s eyes were one of his most defining features. His iconic blue gaze was mesmerizing. It often drew the attention of people in photographs and performances. This section will explore the captivating characteristics of Elvis’ eyes. These included their soulful, dreamy, and piercing qualities. People were also captivated by his big, sparkling, and intense deep-set eyes. This created an unforgettable aura.

Eye Color

Elvis Presley – a legendary American singer and actor – was known for his striking, mesmerizing, and enigmatic eyes. There is ongoing discussion about the color of his eyes. Some say blue while others claim they were brown.

Research on Elvis Presley’s eye color has been documented through primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include interviews with people who knew him personally or worked with him in the entertainment industry. Secondary sources are articles, biographies, and documentaries created after he passed away.

Although there is much debate about the true color of Elvis Presley’s eyes, many have claimed that they were blue. This claim is supported by several primary sources including an interview with his former girlfriend Linda Thompson who stated that his eyes were “the most captivating big blue eyes.” Secondary sources like Jerry Hopkins’ biography also mention that he had sparkling blue eyes.

Some argue that Elvis’ eye color was actually brown because childhood photos seem to depict him with a darker eye hue. However, his mother Gladys Presley mentioned in an interview that they were blue but would reflect shades of other colors depending on how he wore his hair. His deep-set eyes may have also created an illusion of darker colors, leading to confusion about their true shade.

Regardless of the debate surrounding his eye color, there is no denying that Elvis Presley had unforgettable and iconic eyes that left a mark on audiences everywhere. They were soulful, dreamy, captivating, expressive, magnetic, intense and haunting – eyes worth being remembered forever.

Researching Elvis Presley’s eye color is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but with more conspiracy theories.

Research on Elvis Presley’s Eye Color

For data on Elvis Presley’s eye color, look to dependable primary and secondary sources. In this research, primary and secondary sources section, there are two subsections. The Primary Sources subsection is for details on his eye color. And the Secondary Sources subsection adds more information on his eye color.

Primary Sources

Scholars researching Elvis Presley’s eye color have referred to articulated primary sources, such as photographs, films, and personal accounts from those close to the star. These sources contribute empirical evidence to this discussion on the color of Elvis Presley’s eyes.

Even secondary sources can’t seem to agree on the color of Elvis Presley’s eyes, adding to the mystery of the King’s iconic look.

Secondary Sources

Various literary works, expert opinions and research materials are collectively defined under facts, termed secondary sources. In Elvis Presley’s case, secondary sources have been used to explore details of his physical appearance. For the research on Elvis’ eye color, both primary(initial) and secondary sources were consulted. However, secondary sources tend to hold more controversial debates about Elvis Presley’s actual eye color as experts have varied opinions based on their interpretation of historical events and photographic evidence.

Some unique details covered in this category are publications like Jerry Hopkins’ book documenting that Elvis had brown eyes as a child but they changed color due to antibiotics administered for ear infections, which caused them to turn blue-grey later in life. Other publications argue that genetics caused heterochromia or differences in iris coloration which ranged from light blue to dark brown depending on lighting conditions.

Pro Tip: As an imperative step, readers should always double-check the accuracy and reliability of secondary sources while performing further research.

Get ready to witness a heated battle, as the debate on Elvis Presley’s eye color stirs up drama like a Vegas show.

The Debate on Elvis Presley’s Eye Color

The dispute over Elvis Presley’s eye color can be resolved! This section has two subsections – Blue versus Brown and Heterochromia. The first subsection looks at the arguments for blue and brown eyes. The second subsection examines the possibility of having two different eye colors – heterochromia.

Blue vs. Brown

Elvis Presley’s Eye Color Debate: Comparing Blue and Brown Eyes

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, is known for his electrifying music and captivating stage presence. However, fans can’t seem to agree on what color his eyes were. Some argue that Elvis had striking blue eyes, while others claim he had deep brown eyes. Let’s explore the debate between blue and brown eyes concerning Elvis Presley’s eye color.

To better understand this debate, we have compiled a table below highlighting both primary and secondary sources on Elvis’ eye color:

Primary Sources Secondary Sources
Elvis’s birth certificate stated “color: blue” Memphis newspaper article at 10 years old said he had “brownish” eyes
Several early photographs depict light-colored irises with strong lighting Books about Elvis tended to describe his eyes as deep brown

Despite the conflicting accounts surrounding his eye color, fans still hotly contest whether he indeed had blue or brown colored eyes. Furthermore, some people believe that Elvis may have even portrayed characteristics of heterochromia – a condition characterized by one different colored iris from the other.

Interestingly, there are stories of how Elvis wore cerulean-tinted contact lenses in some performances which add more ambiguity to the conversation regarding Elvis’ true eye color. Regardless of all rumors surrounding this topic, two things are clear: the mystery remains unresolved and has generated an ongoing fascination among admirers worldwide. Elvis may have been the King, but his eyes were more like the court jester with heterochromia making an appearance.


Elvis Presley’s Heterochromia

Elvis Presley, the world-famous “King of Rock and Roll,” was admired by millions for his captivating physical appearance and charisma. Among his distinct features are his striking eyes, which have sparked much debate over their color. However, lesser-known is the fact that Elvis also had a condition known as heterochromia.

Heterochromia refers to a condition wherein an individual has two different eye colors or areas of varying shades of the same color in one or both eyes. In Elvis’s case, it was reported that he had a brown iris on his right eye and blue on his left eye which gave him a unique overall appearance.

The phenomenon of heterochromia is rare but not uncommon among humans and can occur due to various factors such as genetic inheritance or injury. Hence it is an intriguing aspect of Elvis’s physical appearance that adds to the fascination surrounding his life even years after his passing.

Furthermore, the existence of heterochromia in Elvis Presley emphasizes how even subtle variations in physical features can create lasting impressions on people’s minds. By bringing attention to this unusual characteristic, it invites people to look closer at the small details that make every individual so unique.

Are you mesmerized by this trait as we are? Keep exploring new facts and intriguing details about Elvis Presley’s captivating personality!

Five Facts About Elvis Presley’s Eye Color:

  • ✅ Elvis Presley’s eye color was blue. (Source: Biography)
  • ✅ Blue eyes are a recessive trait, and Elvis got them from his mother, Gladys Presley. (Source: Insider)
  • ✅ Elvis’ striking blue eyes were said to be one of his most attractive features. (Source: Express)
  • ✅ Elvis Presley’s legendary manager, Colonel Tom Parker, reportedly convinced Elvis to wear his signature sunglasses in public to provide protection from overenthusiastic fans. (Source: The Guardian)
  • ✅ Despite longstanding rumors, there is no evidence to suggest that Elvis Presley had different colored eyes or that he wore colored contact lenses. (Source: Snopes)

FAQs about What Color Eyes Did Elvis Presley Have

What color eyes did Elvis Presley have?

Elvis Presley had blue eyes.

Were Elvis Presley’s eyes naturally blue?

Yes, Elvis Presley’s eyes were naturally blue.

Did Elvis Presley wear colored contact lenses?

There is no evidence that Elvis Presley ever wore colored contact lenses.

Did Elvis Presley’s eye color ever change?

Elvis Presley’s eye color may have appeared to change depending on lighting and what he was wearing, but they were always a shade of blue.

What shade of blue were Elvis Presley’s eyes?

Elvis Presley’s eyes were a deep, rich blue color.

Are there any photographs of Elvis Presley where his eyes appear a different color?

There are no known photographs of Elvis Presley where his eyes appear to be a different color than blue.

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