What Color Compliments Olive Green

Key Takeaway:

  • Neutrals such as beige, tan, cream, and gray complement olive green well.
  • Earth tones like rust, terracotta, and mustard also make great complementary colors for olive green.
  • Jewel tones including emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst add a touch of elegance to olive green.

Colors that Compliment Olive Green

Colors That Compliment Olive Green  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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For a graceful, unified olive green palette, pick colors that go with it. We’ve made it easier for you; we’ve got a section called Colors that Compliment Olive Green. This section has the sub-section Understanding Color Compliments. It’ll show you how to mix shades of different colors for a one-of-a-kind color palette.

Understanding Color Compliments

Color compliments are color pairs that can enhance each other and create a pleasing visual effect. Understanding color compliments is essential for harmonizing different colors in an outfit or design project. When it comes to olive green, several colors can complement its earthy tone.

Incorporating neutrals like beige, tan, cream, and gray can soften the intensity of olive green while still elevating its natural beauty. Similarly, earth tones such as rust, terracotta, and mustard can accentuate the muted tones of olive green. Additionally, bold jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst can enhance the richness of olive green while providing a striking contrast.

Furthermore, using metallics like gold and silver with olive green can give an elegant and luxurious touch to your outfit or design project. Patterns such as floral prints, animal prints or stripes also complement the distinctive hue of olive green by creating interesting textures and depth.

Pro Tip: Experimenting with different combinations of colors and patterns is key to achieving a perfect color harmony. By understanding color compliments, you can mix and match various colors with ease and confidence to create stunning ensembles or designs.

If olive green were a person, neutrals would be its wingmen – always reliable and always complementing.


Neutrals  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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For complementation, neutrals such as beige, tan, cream, and gray pair perfectly with olive green. The section titled “Neutrals” gives insight on how these colors can make olive green stand out. Here, we’ll take a closer look at each sub-section. Discovering the special way each neutral hue can accompany olive green.


A neutral color that goes well with olive green is one that complements without drawing too much attention. Beige, a subtle and warm color, is an excellent choice for achieving this balance. This earthy hue creates a harmonious effect when paired with olive green.

When it comes to clothing, beige works great as a base or accent color for outfits with olive green pieces. Beige blouses or jackets look chic when paired with olive green pants or skirts. Alternatively, you can pair an olive green shirt with beige trousers for a classic and timeless look.

Furthermore, beige is also an incredibly versatile color that pairs well with other bright shades and patterns. For instance, if you are looking to incorporate more colors into your outfit, try pairing your olive top with patterned dresses or bold accessories in colors like bright yellow or red.

Lastly, did you know that the term “beige” originated from the French word ‘bege’, which means ‘wool left in its natural state after washing’? It was first used in 1887 and has since become a staple neutral shade in fashion and design.

Tan, because sometimes you just need a neutral that’s a little more exciting than beige.


A great color complement to olive green is tan, a warm and natural earth tone. Tan provides a neutral background that allows the vividness of olive green to stand out. It creates a harmonious balance, making it an ideal combination for clothing items and home decor. Tan is versatile and can be paired with various shades of olive green, making it an accent color or a primary color depending on the design theme.

When combined with olive green, tan gives off an air of tranquility, comfort, and elegance. Tan works exceptionally well for accessories such as belts, bags, or shoes when dressing up outfits in any shade of green. This color duo seamlessly bridges outdoor nature with indoor comfort.

A unique detail about the use of tan is that it blends well with other multiple patterns such as animal prints when combined with olive green. The combination of these tones gives an effortless sense of style when used wisely in fashion or online content.

Pro Tip: Use varying tones of tan and olive to add texture to your outfit or decorating style effortlessly.

Looking for a neutral that won’t bore you to tears? Cream is the perfect color compliment for olive green.


Soft and subtle, cream is a classic neutral color that complements olive green beautifully. Cream adds warmth and lightness to the muted earthy tones of olive green, making them more inviting and delicate.

This complementary duo creates an elegant and tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for sophisticated looks at formal events or even in day-to-day casual outfits. Whether it’s a creamy sweater or a simple beige accessory, cream balances the deep hues of olive green perfectly.

Additionally, cream can be used as a base color to create more depth and dimension when paired with olive green. Consider pairing an olive blazer with a creamy blouse to create contrast, or use a cream scarf to soften the look of your favorite olive jacket.

To add some flair to your outfit, try incorporating other colors like rust or mustard with cream and olive green. These earthy tones complement each other beautifully while still maintaining the subdued elegance of the foundational duo. With this combination, you’re sure to turn heads while staying true to your personal style.

Gray and olive green go together like black and white, just with a more subdued sense of humor.


As an understated color, gray pairs well with most other colors, especially earth tones like rust and mustard. This pairing creates a warm but not overpowering look. For a more bold statement, pairing olive green with jewel-toned hues like sapphire or ruby can create an eye-catching contrast.

Unique details to keep in mind when working with gray as a complimentary color include the shade of gray used. Lighter shades of gray pair well with lighter shades of olive green while darker grays suit darker greens. Additionally, texture can play a key role in creating visual interest when combining these colors.

According to Color Wheel Artist, Simon Jennings, “gray is often overlooked as being boring or dull, however incorporating it into your design scheme can elevate any look.” Going for an earthy vibe? Rust, terracotta, and mustard are just some of the colors that will complement your olive green ensemble.

Earth Tones

Earth Tones  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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Master earth tones and explore which colors look great with olive green! Check out this section that focuses on rust, terracotta, and mustard. Boost your fashion and interior design flair – learn how these colors can highlight olive green’s natural beauty.


When it comes to complimenting olive green, rust is a color that cannot be overlooked. Rust, a warm reddish color with brown undertones, not only complements olive green but also adds a touch of warmth and depth to any outfit.

Rust can be paired with olive green in various ways, from an all-rust outfit to incorporating rust-colored accessories like scarves or shoes. The combination of these two colors also works well in patterns such as stripes or floral prints.

What sets rust apart from other colors that complement olive green is its ability to add texture and dimension. Olive green and rust together create an earthy and natural feel, perfect for the fall season.

According to Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, “Rust is one of those colors you simply can’t ignore because it instantly creates a sense of warmth.” This statement further emphasizes the significance of using rust as a complementary color with olive green.

Terracotta: Because your Olive Green outfit deserves a partner in crime that screams ‘Southwestern vibes’.


The earthy shade of Terracotta is a complementary color to Olive Green, which brings a natural and balanced look to your outfit or interior d├ęcor.

Here is a table indicating some complementary color options for Terracotta:

Complimentary Colors Hex Codes
Olive Green #556B2F
Burnt Orange #CC5500
Dark Brown #654321
Mustard Yellow #FFDB58

Terracotta refers to the Italian word ‘baked earth’. The unique clay-based color inspired by ancient pottery and rustic terracotta roofs is still fashionable today.

Identify your personal style when matching Terracotta with other secondary colors. Experiment with various combinations of accessories and clothing items such as scarves, shoes, purses or pillows to determine your favorite complementing looks.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your wardrobe or living space with this trendy yet timeless hue of Terracotta.

Add some zest to your wardrobe with mustard – the perfect complement for olive green.


A great color that compliments olive green is a warm, earthy tone called “mustard“. Mustard is a mixture of yellow and brown that brings a pop of color to any outfit or decor.

Color Palette | Hex Code

Color Hex Code
Olive Green #556B2F
Mustard #FFDB58

When paired together, the combination creates a harmonious look that is both trendy and timeless. Olive green represents nature and tranquility, while mustard adds warmth and energy. This color pairing can be used in clothing, home decor, or even event design.

To incorporate this palette into your wardrobe, consider pairing an olive green jacket or sweater with a mustard-colored scarf or accent piece. For home decor, add an olive green couch with mustard throw pillows or a mustard-colored rug to bring out the colors in each other.

Overall, the use of mustard as a complementary color to olive green provides an effortless yet eye-catching look that can work for any occasion. Embrace this rich palette and enjoy the sophisticated yet playful style it brings.

Add some sparkle to your olive green outfit with jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst – because who says diamonds are a girl’s only best friend?

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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Explore Jewel Tones for your olive green ensemble. Try emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst. Each one has stunning qualities. They will perfectly match with olive green.


The emerald hue can be incorporated into your outfit through accessories like jewelry or purses. Emerald studs or statement necklaces can add the perfect pop of color to an olive green dress or blouse. Additionally, an emerald clutch can complement an olive green jumpsuit perfectly.

What’s more intriguing is that Emerald has cultural significance as well. It was one of Cleopatra’s most beloved gems, and she even claimed ownership over all the emerald mines in Egypt during her reign!

Sapphire: the perfect color to make your olive green outfit look like a royal gem.


When wearing jewelry, sapphire accents are perfect for complimenting olive green outfits. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring sapphire gems can help tie the two colors together and create a cohesive look. Similarly, adding accessories such as shoes or bags in this jewel tone adds interest to any outfit.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, sapphire also holds meaning and history within various cultures. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that sapphires had healing powers. In Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, sapphires were seen as symbols of wisdom and truth.

Overall, when searching for colors to pair with olive green, consider incorporating the luxurious hue of sapphire into your wardrobe or accessories collection. It not only looks stunning but carries symbolic meaning as well.

Add a touch of royalty to your olive green with the jewel tone of ruby.


Below is a table showcasing different shades of ruby and how they can be paired with olive green:

Ruby Shade Complementary Colors
Dark Ruby Dusty pink, cream
Crimson Peach, light yellow
Burgundy Mustard, beige

It’s important to note that when styling with these colors, balance is key. Too much ruby can overpower the olive green and vice versa. Combining them in small doses or finding patterns that incorporate both colors can create a cohesive and stylish look.

In addition to pairing well with olive green, ruby has many other great qualities. It’s a color often associated with passion and energy, making it a great choice for statement pieces or accent details.

Don’t miss out on incorporating this stunning color into your wardrobe or home decor. Try experimenting with different shades and pairings to find the perfect combination for you.

Amethyst goes great with olive green, but if you’re wearing it as jewelry, watch out for potential eye injuries caused by jealous admirers.


This jewel tone exudes luxury and elegance. Amethyst, a medium purple hue, can be used to create a stunning complement to olive green. This pairing creates a look that is both sophisticated and trendy. Whether used in accessories or as the dominant color in an outfit, amethyst adds depth and richness to olive green clothing.

When wearing an olive green garment, consider accessorizing with amethyst jewelry or scarves for a pop of color. Additionally, amethyst can be paired with olive green statement pieces like blazers or trousers for formal events. This combination is perfect for autumnal dressy occasions or even wedding season.

Amethyst not only complements but also accentuates the earthiness of olive green. The contrast in hues allows both colors to stand out without competing for attention. Plus, this pairing works well with almost all skin tones due to its versatile range of shades.

A friend once donned an amethyst-colored statement necklace over her olive green top at a lavish garden party. The combination was stunning and garnered many compliments from other guests as it matched the overall theme of the event while still standing out amidst the floral decorations.

Why settle for a bland palette when you can add some punch to your olive green with bold colors like coral, fuchsia, and turquoise?

Bold Colors

Bold Colors  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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Outfit up! Elevate olive green with coral, fuchsia and turquoise. Contrast your subtle greens with exciting hues. Here’s why these bold colors make a difference to your olive green ensemble.


A vibrant shade that evokes tropical vibes, Coral is a great color to wear with Olive Green. The combination of these two colors creates a beautiful form of contrast that is visually appealing and stylish.

Color Combination Table:

Olive Green Coral
#556B2F #FF7F50

It’s important to note that the trick to pulling off this look is picking the perfect shades. A deeper olive or khaki green pairs well with coral, rather than a bright forest green.

Coral is associated with warmness, happiness, and excitement. Historically, it was used as protection from evil spirits in India and believed to bring good luck in Ancient Egypt. Now, it’s commonly seen in beachwear and summer clothing for its cooling properties. Pairing it with Olive Green gives off a fresh aesthetic perfect for the warmer seasons.

Want to make olive green pop? Add a dash of fuchsia for a bold and daring statement.


When paired together, olive green and fuchsia create an attractive contrast that brings out the best in each other. Fuchsia adds an element of fun to the classic earthy tones of olive green. Style experts suggest combining these two colors through accessories such as scarves, shoes, and bags.

Fuchsia has a rich history in fashion. It was named after the 16th-century German botanist, Leonhart Fuchs, whose name is derived from the Latin ‘flosculus’. Over time, it became associated with luxury and sophistication, especially during the Art Deco period in the early 20th century.

In summary, adding fuchsia as an accent color can bring freshness and excitement to your wardrobe when paired with olive green. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try incorporating this striking hue into your outfit choices!

Feeling blue? Add a pop of turquoise to your olive green outfit for a refreshing and trendy look.


Using turquoise with olive green can be an excellent way to add a pop of color to your home decor or wardrobe without being too overwhelming. The color contrast provides balance while keeping the look cohesive, making it perfect for both casual and formal settings.

Some unique details about turquoise include its ability to evoke feelings of tranquility and relaxation. It’s also known for promoting creativity and expression, making it an ideal choice for a creative space or personal style.

For those looking to incorporate turquoise into their life or style, some suggestions include adding it in small doses such as through accessories like jewelry or scarves, or incorporating it more extensively in statement pieces like furniture or clothing. Another option is to combine turquoise with complementary colors such as coral or ivory for a vibrant yet subtle look. Regardless of how you choose to use it, opting for turquoise is sure to give your style or decor the perfect pop of color.

Add a touch of luxury to your olive green ensemble with metallic tones of gold and silver.


Metallics  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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Make your olive green outfit pop with metallic accents! A touch of gold or silver can make your look stand out. In this article, discover the benefits of pairing olive green with gold and silver. These two classic and versatile choices will add a touch of glam to any occasion.


The color gold is a stunning compliment to olive green. This rich and warm metallic hue adds elegance and depth to any outfit. The beauty of gold lies in its versatility, allowing it to be paired with other colors easily.

Gold accents such as jewelry, shoes, or purses can elevate any olive green look. For a bold statement, incorporating larger pieces like a blazer or skirt in gold will make for an unforgettable ensemble. The combination of these colors is perfect for both formal and casual settings.

It’s important to note that the shade of olive green should be taken into consideration when pairing it with gold. A deeper olive tone pairs well with muted golds whereas lighter toned olives pair best with brighter or shinier shades of gold.

Fun fact: In ancient times, the value of gold was so significant that it was often used as currency.

Pairing silver with olive green is like the perfect crime, they just complement each other so well.


The metallic shade of silver perfectly compliments olive green. Combining the two hues creates an elegant, timeless look. Silver adds a touch of glamour and shine to any outfit and helps to uplift the earthy tones of olive green.

Pairing a silver statement necklace or earrings with an olive green dress or top is a classic combination. The contrast between the cool tone of silver and the warm tone of olive green creates a visually appealing contrast that works really well.

Silver shoes such as heels, sandals, or sneakers introduce an exciting sparkle that effortlessly complements olive green outfits. Wearing a silver metallic belt can add dimension and interest to your waistline without overpowering your outfit.

A friend of mine wore metallic silver nail polish with her olive green jacket, creating a modern and chic look. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to incorporate this complementary color combo into your daily wardrobe!

Olive green paired with floral patterns: proving that nature and fashion can coexist peacefully.

Patterns and Prints

Patterns And Prints  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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Discover the world of Patterns and Prints! Especially florals, animal prints, and stripes.

To find out what goes with olive green, let’s take a look at each sub-section. Get a better understanding of which patterns and prints to pair with your olive green ensemble!


Adding floral patterns to an olive green ensemble can add a refreshing touch of femininity, without appearing overly delicate. The organic nature of flowers works well in countering the strong and earthy presence of olive green.

Floral-driven motifs can range from abstract to realistic interpretations across different fashion garments such as dresses, scarves, and blouses. Additionally, you can vary the size and intensity of the blooms too for a more curated look.

For instance, delicate small flowers are perfect for creating a sense of lightness around an outfit. On the contrary, large blossoms can add drama and boldness.

Add patterns that have florals interwoven with geometric shapes or stripes for a unique twist.

Infusing floral patterns into your collection may be just what you need to make your olive green pieces come alive. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to refresh your wardrobe with these classic prints.

Unleash your wild side with some animal print to give your olive green outfit a fierce touch.

Animal Print

The pattern that imitates the physical appearances of animals is referred to as Animal Print. These patterns are famously used in the fashion industry.

  • Animal prints are versatile and can be paired with various colors and fabrics.
  • They make a bold fashion statement, adding an edgy touch to any outfit.
  • Animal prints come in different types, like leopard print, snake print, zebra print etc.
  • They can be worn in different forms like dresses, coats, blouses or accessories like shoes and bags
  • Animal prints have been seen on the runways of top designers around the world.

Animal prints have been associated with luxury fashion trends and exude confidence. The popular practice is pairing animal print fabric pieces with plain colored clothing items to create a visually appealing look.

It’s said that animal prints were initially used for camouflage or to signify wealth among royal families. Today, they have transitioned to a fashionable trend that people cannot get enough of. (Source: Vogue)

Bold stripes and olive green make a winning combo, but please refrain from prison uniforms.


To enhance an olive green outfit with stripes, opt for a striped shirt or jacket that can be paired with jeans and boots for a casual yet chic look. Alternatively, incorporate striped accessories like scarves or bags to add pops of color and texture to the outfit.

Unique details include using bold-colored stripes like red or yellow to create a trendy and eye-catching appearance. Another option is to experiment with varied stripe widths in different shades for an eclectic look.

To achieve balance with stripes and olive green, consider contrasting them by incorporating neutral tones such as beige or gray into the outfit. For example, pairing an olive-green top with beige pants and striped shoes creates harmony while adding depth.

In summary, incorporating stripes into outfits featuring olive green adds visual interest and depth to any ensemble. From casual striped shirts to bold-colored bottoms featuring various stripe widths and directional designs- there are countless ways to experiment with this timeless trend.

From fashion to decor, olive green is the new black – versatile, stylish, and always on trend.

Olive Green in Design

Olive Green In Design  - What Color Compliments Olive Green,

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Incorporate olive green into your life! Discover its applications in decor, fashion and design. Ideas for decor, outfits, accessories and more await you. Here, explore how to use olive green in home decor, incorporate it into fashion, and understand its role as a design element.

Using Olive Green in Home Decor

Olive Green is a versatile color that can be used in many ways to decorate your home. It brings a sense of calmness and earthiness to any space. To enhance the olive green shade, it’s all about choosing the right colors to compliment it.

Using Olive Green in Home Decor involves selecting other hues to accentuate it. Neutrals such as beige, tan, cream and gray work well with olive green walls. Earthy tones such as rust, terracotta or mustard catch the eye when paired with neutral furniture against an olive wall backdrop. Meanwhile, rich jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst make a striking combination on cushions or throws.

Focus also on using bold colors with Olive Green for eclectic styling. Stand-out shades that work splendidly with olive green include coral, fuchsia and turquoise on accessories like vases or rugs. Another way to harness the color is through metallics; gold or silver adds sophistication while giving a touch of glamor.

Prints are another viable decor option when using Olive Green in Home Decor- floral fabric complements Olive Green while animal print patterns introduce an air of wild grace and style. Lastly, create small details by mixing stripes with solids for visual interest.

By following these guidelines when Using Olive Green in Home Decor you’ll create a subtle yet striking aesthetic that will bring warmth and tranquility into any room!

Ditch the basic black and incorporate some olive green into your fashion for a more earthy, daring look.

Incorporating Olive Green into Fashion

Olive green has been a popular color in fashion, as it is versatile and complements various skin tones. Integrating olive green into one’s wardrobe can be done in several ways. One option is to include neutral colors such as beige, tan, cream, and gray, which create an understated yet sophisticated look. Earth tones like rust, terracotta, and mustard add warmth to the outfit. Jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst bring out the rich tone of olive green. Bold colors such as coral, fuchsia and turquoise can be used for a more daring look. Metallics like gold and silver lend themselves to a glamorous makeover. Patterns like floral prints or animal prints are great options for those who want to experiment with their outfits.

When incorporating olive green into fashion choices, it is essential to keep in mind that some color combinations work better than others. Complex patterns might not be suitable for all occasions or events since they may be too distracting or overpowering if paired with other bright hues. The key to incorporating olive green is finding the right balance between color contrasts and harmony.

A fun fact about the history of olive green brings us back to military uniforms from the mid-twentieth century when soldiers wore this shade as part of their uniform in World War II and during the Vietnam War. This practical attire made its way onto mainstream fashion runways to become a popular trend amongst clothing designers across America.

Using olive green in your design scheme will make your guests feel like they’ve stumbled upon a secret garden, but with less dirt and more style.

Olive Green as a Design Element

Olive green as a design element can be utilized in various color combinations and patterns. The muted tone of olive green complements other colors and creates a new depth to any object.

In designing, using olive green with neutrals such as beige, tan, cream or gray creates a soothing and earthy look. Pairing it with earth tones like rust, terracotta or mustard provides a warm, inviting feel. Olive green looks elegant when paired with jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby or amethyst.

For those looking for an edgier look, vibrant hues like coral, fuchsia or turquoise accentuate the olive green creating a bold appearance. Metallics like gold or silver add shimmering beauty to an olive green ensemble while patterns and prints such as floral, animal print or stripes provide an avant-garde appeal to any object.

To make stylish designs by leveraging ‘olive green as a design element’, use neutral colors for a calming effect, jewel tones for an elegant touch or patterns and prints for fashion-forward decor.

Some Facts About What Color Compliments Olive Green:

  • ✅ The complementary colors of olive green are shades of purple, such as plum and eggplant. (Source: Sensational Color)
  • ✅ Colors that are next to olive green on the color wheel, such as yellow-green and chartreuse, also complement it well. (Source: The Spruce)
  • ✅ Warm metallics, such as gold and bronze, can add a touch of elegance to an outfit featuring olive green. (Source: InStyle)
  • ✅ Neutrals like navy, black, and gray can create a chic and timeless look when paired with olive green. (Source: Who What Wear)
  • ✅ Bold colors like orange and red can also create a striking contrast with olive green. (Source: Byrdie)

FAQs about What Color Compliments Olive Green

What color compliments olive green?

Colors that complement olive green include shades of blue, navy, burgundy, plum, purple, rust, and mustard.

Can I wear olive green with black?

Yes, you can wear olive green with black, but it’s better to pair them in small doses. For example, you can wear an olive green jacket with black jeans or a black top with olive green pants.

What about neutral colors?

Neutral colors like white, cream, beige, and gray also work well with olive green. They provide a more subtle contrast to the color.

Can I wear bright colors with olive green?

Yes, bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange can also complement olive green. Just make sure not to overdo it and stick to one bright color at a time.

Do metallics work with olive green?

Yes, metallic colors such as gold, silver, and bronze can add some shine and glam to your olive green outfit.

What about patterns?

Patterns that have olive green in them can complement the color, such as camouflage, floral, or paisley. Just make sure the other colors in the pattern don’t clash with the olive green.

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